Raffle for Steve Lee




My friend and one of my teachers Steve Lee is hoping to move to our farm and become a member of our Ozark unintentional community of like-minded farms.  We have a raffle going and GOFUNDME campaign.  

A bit of the story, the rest can be found on the gofundme campaign.

"Having recently turned 60 years old and having lived a subsistence life style, rent free, in the same location for the last 25 years, I now find that my situation with the land owner is uncertain and that my supportive community of like minded people has diminished considerably over the years. With a subsistence income and a lack of places to glean free firewood, it's becoming more and more difficult to get through the harsh N.Y. winters.

All these things considered, the invitation from Jamie  community will afford me a new beginning; providing opportunity to share my lifetime of knowledge & skills with like minded folk, increased potential for marketing my crafts, and most importantly a sense of connection with a community rather than living like hermit." 

We think he'd be a wonderful addition to our community and are hoping to raise funds for his cross country move, help him build a small natural home either based on a sand bag, straw bale or cob design and update his 30 year old solar system.  

The contributions for the raffle have been steadily coming in and I will photograph everything as soon as it has all been picked up.  So this post will be continuously updated.   The amazing part of this raffle, I did not specifically ask anyone to donate.  I just put out a general call on facebook and these are the precious people that volunteered already!  

The raffle is over, but here are some of STeve's pendants that will be given to donors of the gofundme site. 

Will Dobkins of Homestead Iron   ~ hand forged garden claw weeder.  Will last a lifetime, even longer.

Tina Sams of The Essential Herbal has donated a year pdf subscription!!!  

Kristine Brown of Herbal Roots Zine and the Smelly Gypsy 1 year pdf subscription to Herbal Roots Zine, a soap, lip balm, and pit paste.

This next donation to the raffle would have to be picked up near Springfield, MO, or the person could pay around $200 to have it shipped. New they are worth close to $600. From Tom Peterson of Ozark Tubs:

Prototype of my Big Load Washtub 

"The winner would either have to pick it up here, or I could meet them in Springfield. We're about 25 miles south of Springfield, between Highlandville and Galena. I ship UPS, and a tub that went to NW Montana this week cost $192. At that price, if the winner doesn't want it they might know someone who does and will pay the shipping costs. "

If the winner doesn't want it, you can donate it to Steve Lee and we'll go pick it up.

From Pandora's Patchworks ~ A hand made blue-jean floppy hat.

Jamie Jackson of Missouri Herbs ~ an Assortment of herbal products... Lavender face butter, body butter, 1st aid salve, and a soap made by


Janette Mathews of Nature's Pantry, Lebanon, MO ~donated a jar of Laughing Coyote Tea by Nuwati Herbals a Missouri Company.


Samantha Hoekstra of Meadowbrook Health Food store, Mountain Grove, MO is donating locally sourced honey.

Colleen Reed, a friend of Steve's, is donating a pair of hand made women's socks, size medium, knitted from hand-spun yarn.


Vendoni is donating a massage. This can be redeemed in either Lebanon, MO, Mountain Grove, MO or Camdenton, MO.  

Martha Smith and daughter Amber ~ undecided but probably healthy weight loss mixes by Plexus.  

Jackie Jackson, my wonderful mother, donating a necklace with precious stones given to her by my grandmother Lucille Tyler.

Tracy Stowe of Bawb-Z, LLC is donating some of her all natural body products.  Hot oil hair treatment and lip balm. 



From Marci Tsohonis ~ Cottonwood bud Salve and assorted soaps.

Patti Smith of Gemstone Farm, an assortment of natural products:


Travis Maddox donating a new book called Self-Sufficiency on a Shoestring:

Shirley Emerson - a bucket of worms (won't actually be in the basket :-) This is only for people attending the Baker Creek festival. I'm not mailing worms and don't want the pickup points to have to care for them..  She will deliver to my booth at Baker Creek. 

From Sephira Starsong ~ A phone consult for a Akashic Soul Print Reading.  This provides a window into your akashic record and contracts giving insight into current and future challenges, karmatic patterns, as well as your strengths and clues to your life mission and past starseed incarnations.  This session includes new body overlay instillation and Soul retrieval .

From Shiloh Smith of   https://www.facebook.com/shilohj.ozarks  This may be in the 2nd raffle basket.  So many items have been donated we are probably going to setup a 2nd basket. Her exquisite art work is rustically framed and can be seen at the Baker Creek festival May 3rd at my booth. 


The gift basket can be delivered if you are near Competition,MO, Lebanon, MO or Springfield, MO; or there are several stores that have signed up to be pickup points.  

You can choose one of the following pick up points if you win:

1.  Meadowbrook Health Food store, 103 E Second St., Mountain Grove, MO 65711.  417-926-6614

2.  Nature's Pantry Health Food store,  ~ 555 E Elm St, Lebanon, MO 65536. 417-533-3608.

3.  More places to come, just waiting on final confirmation.