Most women know they should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.  But do you know about routine breast massage and lymph massage as part of an anti-cancer lifestyle? 

In our high-tech, high-speed lifestyle, how often are our arms above our head?  How often are the tissues in the chest and armpit area exercised through movement?

Ancient people had a much broader range of movement than we do today and the breast and lymph systems were cared for during the course of their day through normal activities.   They had plant medicine in almost everything they ate and in the herbal infused oils they rubbed on their bodies.

There are entire chapters of books dedicated to these techniques.  Please do more investigation about these powerful tools. 


I typically do my routine massage in the evening and put on an old stained T-shirt afterwards until the rub absorbs because all oils will stain.  Though there are many steps in a full routine, a basic place to start is using this simple method. 

Place some of my Juniper Salve or an oil infused with Juniper or Cedar in your hands and rub together to warm.  Put your hands at the outsides of the breasts, lightly press downward with your thumbs and slide towards the nipple.  Next, work from the collarbone down and finally from the armpits in.  Then massage the arm pits and breasts in small circles without sliding the fingers across the skin.  Always massage lightly.  Do this often.

There are very simple lymph drainage massage videos at

To learn the detailed breast massage routine see Susun Weed’s book: