The Essential Herbal Magazine is the winner of the readers choice award by for favorite herbal magazine.  Over the years, thousands of people just like me have tremendously improved their knowledge of health and plant remedies by subscribing.

I have started contributing to this magazine recently and am in love with it's content.   The Essential Herbal provides a forum for all of us out there working alone with herbs so that we can be in touch and share what we know. Some tiny little herb shop in the hidden hills might harbor some powerful knowledge… and how are we to know? Its an opportunity to put that herb shop on the map. It is a chance for the home herbalist to be published right alongside some of the great herbal teachers. 

These herbalists have gathered generations of knowledge into their offerings. The generosity of the herbal community and their desire to change the face of health care in the world truly moves me. 

Each issue of T. E. H. includes a variety of articles that are seasonally focused and intended to help people learn to utilize herbs in every area of their lives.  Lots of culinary, medicinal, crafting, wild foods, HOW-TO's, with a sprinkling of business, and pure fun.

It's an herb magazine that you can prop up on the kitchen counter while trying recipes, take along to the the natural food store, herb shop, or garden center to help you shop.  It originally was an “herbal newsletter,” but in early 2004 it began running 32 pages and it became an “herbal magazine.” There are 6 issues per year.  

  • Backyard Herbalists and Wildcrafters— Do you want to learn which you can eat, which you can      use on a rash, and how to make a tea to soothe a cold with another?
  • Adventurous Cooks—Every      issue has lots of interesting new ways to prepare dishes using healthful      herbs to add zing!
  • Foragers, Crafters, Family Herbalists—You’ll find our pages to be filled with detailed step      by step information.

There is a need for clear instructions for the new herbie; but for the old hands, the herb recipes and herb craft ideas are always new and interesting.  There is something for everyone in every issue: a new way to use herbs, a new way to taste herbs, or a new way to use them in family first aid. 

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