A sip of tea to cool Spirit of Human

Spirit Of The Eagle Painting - Eagle Spirit by Amatzia Baruchi.

Spirit Of The Eagle Painting - Eagle Spirit by Amatzia Baruchi.

There is a difference between the Human Spirit and Spirit of Human.  When I think of the Human Spirit, I think of individuals, heroic or every day inspiring stories that remind you what we can do, what we can be-either when we are alone, or lifted up by a group.  

When studying indigenous wisdom, we learn that the ancient teachers illuminate Spirit of Eagle, Spirit of Horse or Spirit of Skunk and in the plant kingdom they talk of Spirit of Rose or Motherwort.  They are not talking about an individual Eagle, Horse or Skunk, or an individual Rose bush; but the underlying vibration that those animals and plants are tapped into, their instincts, their motivation and desires.  They are an archetype of an aspect of the divine.  

Though there are individual animals with their own personalities, overall they have a common drive and operating system, a common lineage.  Their vibration is fed into and whirls around on this earth as one of many threads that make her a whole organism.

When we study ancient ways, we call on the Spirit of Eagle to guide us and the Spirit of Horse to carry us through difficult times; we realize the need to let play in our life when we the Spirit of Skunk is brought to our awareness and even request help from the Spirit of Rose when tempers need to be calmed with strength.  

Humans who are trying to heal are taught to look to nature, but at what point do we look at Spirit of Human? When do we look to improve Spirit of Human that also is connected to this planet and so desperately needs healing?

It seems that every group, no matter how enlightened, aware, or how much change for good they are trying to bring to the world, is attacking each other from within. Social media every day is full of someone pointing the finger at people who thought they were on the same side for one reason or another. Eventually we will be become so fractured as a spirit there will be no connection or common direction. 

If you focus your energy on the faults of someone that is trying to make the world a better place, then you are also part of the problem.  Making fun of people who march, or space keepers that do not, is not going to turn this world around from the problems that we humans have caused.

Yes I understand no matter what movement you are in, right now your feet are on fire and you are pissed that everyone isn’t pissed and that people are taking selfies in silly hats at rallies. But ultimately the only thing that is going to put out that fire is making a conscious effort to teach with compassion those who are ignorant to our sliver of a situation.  Some march, some hold space, some use their energy to create a new paradigm, some teach, some feed others and care for the sick,  and some pray to raise the vibration of the Spirit of Human, be aware there is a need for all.  

Something I learned a long time ago was, making fun of people or scaring people will not motivate them to change or help.  The only thing that will, is teaching without judgement and your own good example.  If your words are causing separation and not unity, you are not part of the solution, no matter what side you are on.  Yes your feet are on fire, yes you are angry, but yelling at and making fun of people that CAN NOT see the fire, isn’t going to remove your pain anymore quickly.  

Ultimately more than just your feet are on fire.  The whole world is on fire and we lit it (< listen to this song about the virus of insanity).  At this point the planet would be better off without us, what can we do to change that?  How much of our time do we spend on thoughts about how unfair things are, how angry we are about our current political system, and who is at fault?  Ultimately we are all at fault.  There are very few hands without blood on them, especially if you live in this country.  Just open your pantry, drive a car or read this blog post on your phone or computer.  

Painting the snowflakes red &nbsp;https://honeythatsok.com/2014/12/21/painting-the-snowflakes-red-the-insanity-of-capitalism-in-500-words/

Painting the snowflakes red  https://honeythatsok.com/2014/12/21/painting-the-snowflakes-red-the-insanity-of-capitalism-in-500-words/

The insanity of man is great, we are all infected, we all fall short and we are all horribly broken. The task of healing Spirit of Human so that she can become a healthy strand in Spirit of Earth is a massive undertaking.  It will take generations for it to happen,  but please let our generation change the direction of the ship.  We are going the wrong way and no matter our differences, if we want the course to change, we need all hands on deck.  This is not the time for in-fighting, pointing fingers, being better than or even focusing on our own personal distractions.  It is the time for not worrying about petty differences within our own groups and reaching across and finding common ground with every group you can.  People of all belief systems, gardeners, ranchers, teachers, and stay-at home parents want a healthy planet, isn't that a place to start? 

Let’s use our time in good thought, good deeds, good food, good work, good movement, good communication, good sleep, and good moods.  This is time for good sharing of ideas and commodities that this fractal edge of our blood line has justly or unjustly accumulated based on our personal random circumstances and decisions, inheritances or ancestral privileges that landed us at this space and time.  

Right now it seems everyone is a little depressed or angry.  Social media is the pulse of our culture and right now it has a fever.  Cool down, step back, regroup, rejuvenate and build your emotional and physical health back up.  Instead of being busy, I've decided I want my time to be sufficiently filled. I want to give my role as one of the billions of contributors to Sprint of Human a serious effort and think cooling thoughts.

I want to balance my waking hours in satisfying hard work that I’m grateful for, prepare space, learn to be human, work on my practices of growing plants and meditation, use my time and money wisely with the consideration of all of humanity and not just myself.  I want to sit with the sun on my eyelids and long bones, and practice trying to see humanity as sane--what does that look and feel like for this planet.  

I want to balance my sleeping hours with restorative and powerful creative dream time.  This is where the real power for change lies.  To do this, for me, means health in diet, thoughts, movement and how I occupy my time when awake.

Kneel with me a moment, mindfully in raggedy brown robes on broken pews and let the others swarm in their necessary business.  Lets forgive each other our differences, faults and injuries and find some common ground we can all stand on.  We can not move as a Spirit on this planet in different directions.  We have to pick a direction and blow that one way, together like a flock of birds, or the winds of change won’t come.  Hate divides us into smaller and smaller groups with no power.

Just as an example of what we can do when we work together, thanks to Jillsa and Grace who helped me find the world slavery image above in about 2 minutes!  

I saw this video today and thought I’d post here.  Don’t like who got elected, don’t like the course this country, this planet, this species is taking?  Good!  Turn this into an opportunity to regroup, get better, cool down and find a common path.