Baker Creek and a weed walk at our place

I posted this on facebook, but the text gets lost when people share... so here it is again

The event I've been looking forward to all year is coming up May 4th & 5th (Sunday and Monday - NOT SATURDAY!!) at the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival. PLEASE SHARE

Here are photos of the same festival last year.

All of us vendors dress up in Little House in the Prairie period attire as do many of the attendees. A visitor to my farm who stopped by at my booth said it was the most beautiful thing. Sort of like the Renaissance festival, except with different style of dress. They expect about 7,000 attendees and there are 150 vendors that promote homesteading, permaculture/ organic gardening, herbalism, home crafts, holistic living, old time skills and a thoughtful lifestyle.

If you make it out, please find me at the booth. I'll be making fresh skin/ face creams and salves in abundance this week. I hope the new safflower oil arrives in time to make the acne cream!

If you haven't tried my creams in the last 3 months, then you haven't tried the new formula. It's been completely re-made to be softer, soak in faster and with the same beneficial properties. I'll have tangerine, lavender, jasmine and unscented.

Many people have asked for a weed walk at our property in Competition, MO. I'm going to try to make time for 1 or 2 this year. I thought that around the time of the roses and monarda blooming would be nice because they are beautiful and some of my favorite medicine. If you would have any possible interest, here are some maybe dates below. Please email me quickly at with what your date preference would be so that I can get something arranged (the message will not be taken as a commitment to attend, but that would need to come if you do. ) I'd like at least 5 families to reply to do this. Kids free 14 & under, adults $10 and that includes a handout with a photo of each plant and a brief summary of some of it's highlights and uses. The weed walk would be about 2 hours.

Dates I'm free
May 22 - 23
May 25 - 27
May 29 - 30
June 16 - 17 (don't know if those will be in bloom then)