Lola, my healer, yoga instructor, mentor and friend...

When I first met Lola, we both worked for a software company.  She reached out and helped me in my darkness and set my foot back on the path of healing.  She worked on me for free and was just building her practice.  Now she and her partner Kevin have an amazing and successful yoga studio near Houston, TX and when I'm there visiting family, I always make sure to stop in and see my dearest friend. She's pictured above with the other angel that entered my life at that time, Mary Anne. 

Lola taught me breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and most tools I used to get healthy and never asked for anything but my friendship in return.  She introduced me to books that helped me discover new paths I didn't even know existed.  Now both of us are living and creating our dreams.  I'm forever in her debt. 

If you are in Houston, please don't miss a chance to meet this spectacular woman at Yoga Lola Studios.

Lola is an IKYTA certified yoga teacher, a certified life coach, a certified Qi Gong Food Healer, a certified tonic herbalist, Ayurvedic training in foods and herbals, a certified aerobics teacher, a certified Level III Reiki master, a novice astrologer, and one of the co-creators of Yoga Lola Studios.  She teaches Kundalini Yoga classes (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) at Yoga Lola Studios, along with flow yoga and flexibility yoga.  She has a BA in Political Science, and a long history as a writer, teacher, and project manager in the business world.  She authors articles related to yoga, health, and healing for YogaMint, Life is Good, and Demand Studios. 

Lola has worked with all kinds of students, from radiantly healthy and physically fit students to expecting moms, seniors, to people suffering from or recovering from diseases of all kinds and traumas of all sorts.  She has witnessed what yoga, breathing exercises and other aspects of yogic practice (and energy bodywork/nutrition) can do to help people live fully and richly in their lives.

Lola also has extensive training in nutrition and herbals.  Trained as a food healer in the Qi Gong tradition by Jeff Primack, in Chinese Herbals by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, and in Ayurveda foods and herbals by Jai Dev Singh, she helps clients understand and boost their nutrition and health through the avenues of food and supplements.

Lola has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga, pranayama, and meditation for the past fourteen years,  and has studied with many veteran yoga teachers of the discipline.  She has been practicing energy bodywork (Reiki and more) for over 40 years, and working with nutrition and herbals for the last 15 years.