These are some of the local businesses that care
about the health of your body and garden.

Nature's Pantry, Lebanon, MO

I can not say enough good things about Janette at Nature's Pantry.  Her store is stuffed to the brim with every sort of health food item you can imagine.  Sometimes she orders bulk herbs for me and it is the only place to go in Lebanon for Bragg's Raw Apple cider vinegar and many other healthy items.  They have a big variety of frozen foods too and a most excellent cooler selection.  My husband and I made friends with Janette soon after moving here because we were in her store so much.  She will go out of her way to try to get any sort of healthy item you might want. 

Luna Herb Co.

While they aren't technically in the Ozarks, they are close enough.  The Luna Herb Company is in Illinois just on the other side of St. Louis on a beautiful farm with medicinal herbs, goats, chickens, and more. Kristine makes the absolute best soap for my hair and it's all I use now for shampoo.

Her bars are beautiful, creatively designed and come in a variety of scents.  I can't pick 1 favorite, but Caldendula and Gypsy soap are my top two.  She also makes fantastic lip balms and body butters.  Kristine is one of the hardest working herbalist in the business and I hope you give her products a try. 

Kristine is also the creator, writer and editor of "Herbal Roots Zine", an herbal magazine for kids. 



Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

We looked for property in Missouri for 9 months and tried very hard to get close to Baker Creek Seeds.  They are one of the few seed companies we trust.  Thankfully the property we found is only 45 minutes away.  We like living near them because of their delicious vegetarian meals and shopping in their seed store.   

Their pioneer village is fantastic too with recreations of an herbal apothecary, old-time mercantile, a natural bakery, garden museum and blacksmith shop, two music barns, a Western jail, a native rock oven, a windmill and many breeds of historic poultry and livestock. 

All the employees dress in period costume and I do too when I go.  But that's my favorite style anyway.   

This year I have a booth there every month at their festivals and have come to know  and make friends with some of their beautiful employees. 

Meadowbrook Natural Foods

I love this health food store.  They have rows of bulk bins and shelves full of bulk dried spices and herbs.  Sometimes we order our bulk food items from them because they give a nice discount when you do. 

They sell Eastwind nut butters which are milled right here in the Missouri Ozarks.  They also have big line of cold items and snacks.  They are in the cute little town of Mountain Grove, MO.  

108 Union St, Mountain Grove, MO 65711

I am now selling my salves and skin butters at this lovely store.  Come check it out!