One of our wildflower gardens

One of our wildflower gardens

Falcon Creek Farm is located in the small town of Competition in the Missouri Ozarks.  Missouri is abundant in healing herbs that many call weeds.  I am showcasing these plants to highlight their benefits and have created a few products based on the properties of these herbs.  I do not use any fillers, parabens, preservatives or even water.  These medicinal herbs grow in prolific abundance on my farm where outdoor spaces are created based on natural and permaculture growing systems. 

As a teenager I experienced a severe health crisis. My mother and grandmother were very interested in using herbs and natural healing methods and that is how I started to learn about using plants as medicine. 

In 1986, I got a job in a local health food store and read everything I could get my hands on.   Since I read most of the books in the store, they asked me to be the store's book buyer.   Most of the books were geared towards using capsules though. 

In 2000 after another health crisis, I turned to food, herbs, breathing exercises and movement; I am now the healthiest I've ever been. I started studying folk herbalism and learning how to make plant medicine full time in 2008. 

I create plant extracts,  infused oils, herbal vinegars, dried teas, and spices from my organically grown herbs.  With those plant extracts I make rubs/ salves, face creams and a variety of other things you can find on our Products page.  

I give weed walks and small tours on the farm and am available to speak at garden clubs and festivals about natural growing methods and using weeds to improve gardens and health. 


As the former Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst for a large software company, I take great care in harvesting and processing.   My products are created with traditional ingredients that have been used for generations by thousands of people.  As many ingredients as possible are grown organically on the farm.  All infusions and extracts are made in small batches to ensure freshness. We hope you enjoy these products and that you learn something new on the site. 

*All information on this site is intended for educational purposes only. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, prescribe or prevent disease. Results may vary, and it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.  

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